807, 2020

Thoughts Around Parallels Of ESG Reporting And Cyber Resilience

Cyber resilience is critical for organizations' survival. Thoughtful reporting can help build it.

107, 2020

Cyber Criminals Extort Covid-19 Research Institute For $1.14Mil

A leading medical-research institution working on a cure for Covid-19 has extorted for $1.14m ransom after a covert negotiation witnessed by BBC News.

107, 2020

ETSI Issues Consumer IoT Security Standard

New Cybersecurity Standard for IoT Devices Established By ETSI

2706, 2020

Infected Docker Images Downloaded 2 Million Times

A recently uncovered cryptomining scheme used malicious Docker images to hide cryptocurrency mining code.

2706, 2020

Group steals $200m from cryptocurrency exchanges

CryptoCore hacker group has stolen more than $200m from cryptocurrency exchanges.

1705, 2020

Holding Renewables to Ransom

The intersection of ESG and Cybersecurity and what it may mean for the world's energy transition ambition.