2311, 2020

Ransomware Gang Utilise Facebook As Wall Of Shame

Ransomware Ragnar Locker group attack against Campari, took out public Facebook ads threatening to release stolen data.

2011, 2020

Trends In Cyber Risk: Allianz Report

Allianz insurance report highlighting some of the most significant cyber risk trends currently occupying the attention of insurers and risk managers

1710, 2020

A Case Study Of How Hackers Extorted 118 Bitcoins Out of Covid Researchers in U.S.

Transcripts reveal University of California at San Francisco’s weeklong negotiation to free its ransomware-locked servers. The haggling worked, sort of.

1410, 2020

Challenges In The Cyber Insurance Market

Cyber insurance is only a few claims away from disaster. This is why it matters.


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