1012, 2019

CyberSolace Helping Researchers Scour Darkweb Markets For Harmful Medical Products

CyberSolace working with researchers from Hertfordshire university to identify darkweb agents selling counterfeit harmful medicines and supplements.

2311, 2019

CyberSolace Participating in EU CYBERWISER Project

CyberSolace working with EU project, CYBERWISER.eu, to develop a cyber range platform.

1611, 2019

Is There Really A Cybersecurity Skills Gap?

Postualtion about the myth of the cybersecurity skills gap

1910, 2019

Using AI For Fraud

Fraudsters Used AI to Mimic CEO’s Voice in Unusual Cybercrime Case

410, 2019

Cyber Threat Actors and Their Espionage Motives

A sophisticated cyber attack on the Australian National University with far reaching motivation.

1406, 2019

Aircraft Parts Manufacturer Hit By Ransomware

Airplane parts maker ASCO suffered a ransomware attack on 7 June and its plants have remained closed since then.