No cybersecurity programme is ever complete if it does not contain an awareness training campaign to cover the human dimension. In our experience, we routinely witness many smart and intelligent people at the organisations we have worked with fall victim to cybercriminals. The financial losses for organisations and the human impact on the individuals can be far reaching.

Perhaps the futurist Kevin Kelly sums up the challenge best in his book ‘The Inevitable’:

All of us – every one of us – will be endless newbies in the future simply trying to keep up. Here’s why: First, most of the important technologies that will dominate life 30 years from now have not yet been invented, so naturally you’ll be a newbie to them. Second, because the new technology requires endless upgrades, you will remain in a newbie state. Third, because the cycle of obsolescence is accelerating (the average life span of a phone app is a mere 30 days!), you won’t have time to master anything before it’s displaced, you will remain a newbie forever. Endless Newbie is the new default for everyone, no matter your age or experience. (Kelly, 2017)

How Can We Help?

CyberSolace can provide cybersecurity awareness support on several dimensions to ensure your staff and senior management are abreast of emerging threats and maintain a degree of proficiency in avoiding falling victim to cyber attackers. For example, some of the capabilities we can bring include:

Based on an annual subscription model, our CBT solution offers cost-effective deployment across your organisation with minimal administrative overhead. Additionally, it can be extended to accommodate select third-party clients if you find it beneficial. The solution encompasses the following key characteristics:

  • Deliver a customised curriculum of micro learning content on scheduled basis or in correlation to ad-hoc user behaviour or trending performance.
  • Provide security awareness quizzes and test scenarios to ensure staff are effectively absorbing the training and improving in their cybersecurity knowledge. Coupled with helpful performance reports to aid compliance obligations and management oversight.
  • Provide tailored Phishing simulation tests to objectively validate user awareness maturity and apply further adjustments to training if required. and gauge user reaction to understand how well-prepared they are to spot cyber-attacks or social engineering attempts.
  • Test end-user devices to gauge their susceptibility to common attack techniques and malware.
  • Test email system effectiveness in blocking common email borne threats and payloads.

Our bespoke awareness sessions, led by seasoned instructors, offer tailored training for select groups of staff. Whether conducted on-site or via video conferencing, these sessions are meticulously designed to address your specific needs. The agenda and curriculum are thoughtfully customized in advance, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

We offer assistance in crafting tailored cybersecurity awareness content for physical posters or internal websites to bolster any initiatives you have in mind. This service falls within the most budget-friendly tier.