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Cybersecurity Management Coaching

As the deluge of cyber attacks and the costs of security failures increase, organisations want to be on the front foot in ensuring the best possible cyber posture.  CyberSolace can provide that external independent cyber insights capability to help your management team.

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Cybersecurity Pulse Check

Assess your organisation’s security posture. Discover the chink in your armour and plan for improvement.

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Cyber Response

We help you prepare and test your readiness to respond effectively before a cyber incident strikes.  Through realistic scenarios we help you develop the capability and confidence to respond.  If/When the worst happens you can also call us to help you with the investigation, containment and recovery.

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Crypto-Currency Crime Investigations

As ever more organisations suffer the brunt of cyber-crime and ransom payments, we offer a last line of response for victims which can help investigate, block or restore extortion or ransom payments lost to the criminals.

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