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Pragmatic And Progressive Cybersecurity Consulting. Trusted And Transparent Client Relationships. Unwavering Independence.

Our Service Lines

Virtual CISO

For when it makes more sense to seek an external independent cybersecurity function management service.

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Cybersecurity Pulse Check

Assess your organisation’s security posture. Know the chink in the armour and plan for improvement.

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Cybersecurity Strategy

Support your digital transformation campaign with a strategy that factors in security considerations.

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Secure Solution Design

We help you identify, design and integrate security measures effectively and harmoniously into your new business projects and services.

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Supplier Security Assurance

Revaluate your security blind-spot. How much do you really know about your 3rd party suppliers’ security practices. Place your trust but also verify.

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Resilience Planning

The cyber risk storm will continue to gather. Prepare and test your resilience measures to minimise the business impact when the worst happens.

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Interview With Phil Zimmermann

June 13th, 2018|

This is a June-2018 article featuring an interview with Phil Zimmermann, renowned security expert and founder of the PGP email encryption tool.


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