CyberSolace can help clients assess their current security posture to understand where their key risks are or where there are material gaps in their technology environment or governance processes. This is typically one of the first recommended starting points for any new client looking to understand their cybersecurity state-of-the-nation.

How Can We Help?

We adopt a holistic approach to security and typically our assessments cover multiple facets, comprising People, Process, Technology and Organisation. Yet we mindfully maintain a close attention to external influencing factors such as regulations, standards and emerging business technology and operating models.

We can utilise a number of known industry standards and frameworks to measure, audit or gap-assess your security posture and give you an objective view of how well your security practices measure up or if there are any urgent concerns that need to be addressed.  Examples of some of the standards and governance frameworks we can utilise are: ISO 27001GDPRCQUEST.

Alternatively, we have also developed our own rapid cybersecurity maturity assessment model which delivers in-depth cybersecurity insights, giving full clarity for executives, management, and technical specialists.  Our proprietary assessment uniquely incorporates an external technical security scan of your digital footprint as seen from any potential attacker’s perspective.

We help our clients identify their digital footprint and external facing assets, that may carry vulnerabilities, that can subject the business to risk.  In simple terms we help organisations locate the forgotten or unaccounted for back doors that could enable an attack path to the organisation’s crown jewels.  More about this service can be found <here>

Penetration testing is a vital proactive step an organisation can take to uncover weaknesses and holes in its technology infrastructure before the adversaries do.  Penetration Testing evaluate the security of the technology infrastructure by simulating an attack from a malicious or dangerous source.

In CyberSolace we believe in a holistic approach to security penetration testing which covers testing of the technical infrastructure and applications, the physical premises, the networks, and equally importantly, the people in the organisation through their levels of awareness.

We can provide CREST accredited security testing services that would help management focus its resources on what matters and prioritise improvement actions in accordance with the qualified risk.