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2003, 2018

Royal Academy Of Engineering Take On IoT Security

An excellent study about IoT security conducted by a consortia of bodies led by the Royal Academy Of Engineering in the UK. The study hihglights the genuine and coordinated effort needed to improve the security of IoT.

1802, 2018

Covert Channels in X.509 Digital Certificates

Recent research by Jason Reaves highlights the potential risk of data exfiltration via X.509 digital certificates metadata.

502, 2018

Risks Of Internationalised Domain Names (IDN)

A blog article by Farsight Security offering a keyhole glimpse into the shadowy world of brand lookalike abuse via IDN homographs.

502, 2018

Hospital MRI and CT scanners at risk of cyberattack

An article from Sophos Naked-Security blog, highlighting the risks of malware to medical imaging devices.

612, 2017

Understanding the Risks of Stolen Credentials

A 2017 research study around the risks of stolen credentials, undertaken by a consortium of academics from the University of California Berkeley, the International Computer Science Institute and Google.