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2404, 2018

New report reveals record levels of identity fraud in 2017

The UK Cifas annual report, Fraudscape 2018, highlighting analysis of the UK’s internal and external fraud trends.

2404, 2018

Transforming Cybersecurity Through Lessons From Sustainability

This is an illuminating piece of thinking around ways to transform cybersecurity, to bolster its effectiveness, through learning lessons from the field of Sustainability. The paper was brought by the Public Knowledge organisation which is a non-profit Washington, D.C. based public interest group that is involved in intellectual property law, competition, and choice in the digital marketplace, and an open standards/end-to-end internet.

204, 2018

Artificial Intelligence and the Attack/Defense Balance

A March 2018 paper from Bruce Schneier outlining the potential benefits of Artificial Intelligence on the cybersecurity arena.

104, 2018

New Reserach Into How Business Robots Can Be Hacked

An excellent blog from IOActive Labs highlighting the risks in emerging technologies such as robot business assistants.

2003, 2018

Royal Academy Of Engineering Take On IoT Security

An excellent study about IoT security conducted by a consortia of bodies led by the Royal Academy Of Engineering in the UK. The study hihglights the genuine and coordinated effort needed to improve the security of IoT.