1910, 2019

Using AI For Fraud

Fraudsters Used AI to Mimic CEO’s Voice in Unusual Cybercrime Case

410, 2019

Cyber Threat Actors and Their Espionage Motives

A sophisticated cyber attack on the Australian National University with far reaching motivation.

1406, 2019

Aircraft Parts Manufacturer Hit By Ransomware

Airplane parts maker ASCO suffered a ransomware attack on 7 June and its plants have remained closed since then.

1204, 2019

LondonBlue SpearPhishing Gang

an ongoing, widespread Spear-Phishing campaign, with a high success rate, that is propagating across the UK.

1903, 2019

Aluminium producer Norsk Hydro hit by cyber attack

Norwegian aluminium producer Norsk Hydro claims that a cyber attack today (19-Mar-19) has affected operations across a number of the company's business areas.