602, 2021

Interview with a ransomware operator

Interview with Lockbit ransomware operators conducted by Cisco Talos division highlighting the mindset and tactics of one of the current mainstream ransomware crime groups

2701, 2021

Dangerous Malware Group EMOTET Disrupted

Law enforcement and judicial authorities worldwide have this week disrupted one of most significant botnets of the past decade: EMOTET. Investigators have now taken control of its infrastructure in an international coordinated action.

801, 2021

Predictions about Brexit implications on UK/EU data flows

The new Brexit deal establishes a six-month transition period for data flows, but what will happen when the bridging agreement ends?

1612, 2020

SolarWinds: The Most Notable Supply Chain Hack Of 2020

Hackers working for a nation-state managed to infiltrate software used by key government agencies and the world’s largest companies just as the west went into lockdown earlier this year.

1412, 2020

Fake Breach Alerts: To Steal Ledger Cryptocurrency Wallets

A new phishing campaign is targeting 'Ledger' wallet users with fake data breach notifications in an attempt to steal cryptocurrency.

1312, 2020

COVID-19 Vaccines Distribution Poses Great Security Challenges

COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans should take strong consideration towards ensuring that the vaccines are kept in a safe and secure location. This security will need to extend from the manufacturing plant, through delivery and storage, and include the hospital or clinic.


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