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Cyber Response

Anticipation & Resilience

We help you assess and bolster your cyber resilience before a serious cyber attack occurs.  Through realistic scenarios we help you develop the capability and confidence to respond.  If/When the worst happens you can also call us to help you with breach containment and recovery.

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Cyber Coaching

Let Us Guide You

As the deluge of cyber attacks and the costs of security failures increase, organisations want to be on the front foot in ensuring the best possible cyber posture.  CyberSolace can provide that external independent cyber insights capability to help your management team.

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Cyber Awareness

Raise Your Staff Cybersecurity Awareness

Address the human dimension of your cybersecurity programme.  Deliver Security Awareness Training to educate employees about the threat landscape and help reduce the cyber risks associated with the human factor.

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Pulse Checking

Assess your organisation’s security posture. Discover the chink in your armour and close the gaps before the bad actors exploit your vulnerabilities.  Neglecting the cybersecurity agenda is no longer an option in the modern business era.

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Cyber Transform

Integrate & Improve

As companies embark on digital transformations, cyber risks evolve and proliferate. You can rely on our expertise to help you manoeuvre the pitfalls of embedding security in transformation programmes without having it being a barrier to progress.

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Our Core Values

Cybersecurity Is A Cornerstone Of Operational Resilience

“…….security incidents can’t always be prevented, but must always be anticipated and managed…….”

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