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Some Helpful Free Tools To Assist Your Cybersecurity Mission

EU SME Guide on Information Security Controls

EU SME Guide on Information Security Controls. DIGITAL SME has published the SBS Guide on Information Security Controls to raise awareness among SMEs on cybersecurity threats and to provide SME cybersecurity staff with the minimum essential security control SMEs need to implement to protect their digital assets and maintain their business continuity.

Open Source Security Index

The Open Source Security Index is designed to make finding open source security projects easier for everyone. We use the Github API to pull projects based on popular security topics (# tags) and manually add projects without labelled topics.

Google’s Software Supply-Chain Security Research

New insights report from Google for defending the software supply chain. Two years after SolarWinds, Google's research report on software supply chain security explores SolarWinds and Log4j and shares actionable insights for organizations.

Cybersecurity Guidance For The Construction Sector

Cybersecurity in the construction sector has so far been an obscure topic. But the rising threat of cyber-attacks requires that project managers take a more prudent approach to understanding and managing cyber risk in the construction sector.