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New UK Regulation On The Horizon For Financial Sector ‘Critical Third Parties’

By |2024-04-22T09:49:55+01:00April 22nd, 2024|Law/Regulation|

The Bank of England’s “CP26/23” consultation paper is a significant document that proposes a regulatory framework for critical third parties (CTPs) in the UK financial sector. Similar to the EU's DORA, it aims to ensure these CTPs, which provide essential services that could affect financial stability if disrupted, manage their operational resilience effectively.

Crisis Communication Preparation Surges Amidst Increased Uncertainty

By |2024-02-18T12:39:29+00:00February 18th, 2024|Emerging Business Governance Trends, Security Industry Reports|

Businesses are prioritizing proactive crisis management, understanding that prevention is key. In response to rising crisis rates, companies are heavily investing in digital tools and professional development for their emergency and crisis teams. This shift is highlighted in the Emergency and Crisis Communications Report 2024.