More than ever, companies and investors are focusing their attention on the impact of cybersecurity risks on their business strategy and operations. Information technology has become a critical function in the modern era enabling businesses to operate and thrive, but also present a soft target for cybercriminals. Companies that fall victim to cybercriminals are often faced with tough questions from their shareholders asking why they did not invest in appropriate cybersecurity measures.

Similarly, future investment in companies must pass initial and ongoing due diligence to ensure companies are managing these heightened risks more effectively than ever. CyberSolace can coach internal management teams to bolster an organisation’s cybersecurity posture and ensure adequate focus and investment is placed in the right aspects for improvement.

How Can We Help?

We have more than 40 years of collective experience working with companies, investors, asset managers (traditional and alternatives) and other stakeholders to help design, implement, manage and report on cyber related strategies and risks.

And because businesses come in different types, sizes, models, goals and competencies, sometimes it may make better sense to seek an independent external capability to provide you with the necessary insight and shorten the journey for you based on our experience from the trenches. We can help you:

If your organisation does not currently have a cybersecurity management capability in place, we can help you quickly and efficiently deploy and establish one. This will involve working with you to assess your specific needs and risks, and then developing and implementing a tailored cybersecurity management plan. We will also help you train your staff on cybersecurity best practices and ensure that your systems and networks are properly configured and protected.

Even if your organisation already has a cybersecurity management capability in place, we can still help you to enhance it. Our team of experienced cybersecurity professionals has a broad range of skills and experience, and we can help you to identify and address any gaps in your existing security posture. We can also provide training and support to your staff to help them improve their cybersecurity skills and knowledge.

Cybersecurity can be expensive, but it is essential for any organisation that wants to protect its data and systems. We can help you to reduce or optimize the cost of managing your cybersecurity function by providing you with access to our expertise and resources on a subscription basis. This means that you will only pay for the cybersecurity services you need, when you need them.