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Cybersecurity Governance

Businesses have a multitude of worries and concerns in the modern day ranging from maintaining competitive advantage, customer engagement, profitability, operational efficiency, innovation, to brand equity and compliance and regulation to name a few. Keeping security governance simple and pragmatic is the only way we believe a modern organisation will ever embrace it at the heart of its decision making.

We will work with your senior sponsors to establish a workable security governance model that will underlie the security planning, monitoring and general ethos for your company.

Cybersecurity Pulse Check

Technical Penetration Testing:

Penetration testing is a vital proactive step an organisation can take to uncover weaknesses and holes in its technology infrastructure before the adversaries do.  Penetration Testing evaluate the security of the technology infrastructure by simulating an attack from a malicious or dangerous source.

In CyberSolace we believe in a holistic approach to security penetration testing which covers testing of the technical infrastructure and applications, the physical premises, the networks, and equally importantly, the people in the organisation through their levels of awareness.

We can provide CREST and/or CHECK accredited security testing services that would help management focus its resources on what matters and prioritise improvement actions in accordance with the qualified risk.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment:

Risk assessments help you understand the scale and nature of the cyber threat that you face and the valuable business assets that stand to be compromised. It will ultimately help you focus your priorities and channel your investment to what really matters in order to mitigate the risks proportionately.

Cybersecurity Gap / Maturity Assessments:

We adopt a holistic approach to security and typically our assessments cover multiple facets, comprising People, Process, Technology and Organisation. Yet we mindfully maintain a close attention to external influencing factors such as regulations, standards and emerging business technology and operating models.

We can utilise a number of known industry standards and frameworks to measure, audit or gap-assess your security posture and give you an objective view of how well your security practices measure up or if there are any urgent concerns that need to be addressed. Examples of some of the standards we can utilise are: ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, UK Government Cyber Essentials Framework and NIST Cyber Security Framework.

But we also recognise that not all companies are the same or operate under identical regulations. Thus we can easily tailor an assessment framework that is specific to your business context and is more aligned to your company culture in order to ensure the final outcome is as meaningful as possible to your management.

Because you cannot protect or improve what you do not know

Cybersecurity Strategy In Business Transformation

The ability to drive transformational business change such as moving from mediocre to improved performance, wasted investment to cost-effectiveness or turning around a crisis is never a trivial one. It can mean the difference between success and growth, and confidence-loss and failure.

We strongly believe security should be at the heart of all business transformation because it is often too late and too risky if left to the end or as an after thought!

Our philosophy dictates that security considerations should be present across the key stages of any business transformation, e.g. business case definition and strategic alignment, sourcing and development, change project planning and transition to operations, and post implementation reviews.

We can support your business transformation campaign through a structured and iterative approach to security. Whether it is a small business or a larger multi-stakeholder community, we can help you navigate all the relevant security touch-points. Fortified by our long and varied years of experience in client consulting, we are confident about increasing your chances of success and minimising your security risks to safeguard your investment.

In a rapidly changing world, the biggest risk is not adapting

Resilience Planning

To stay competitive in a global economy, deliver timely responses to changing customer demands, meet increasing service expectations and reduce operational costs, organisations have adapted their processes and business models by adopting emerging business technology. This widespread use of information technology and advances in connectivity have transformed many businesses and transferred information flows from paper or the telephone to digital transactions and databases.

However, these advances also present more opportunities for attackers. The scale of the targeting, coupled with the difficulty of monitoring all possible attack methods, means some attacks will get through.

Foreign states, organised cyber-crime syndicates, low level opportunistic cyber pick-pockets, hacktivists, insiders and terrorists all pose different kinds of threat. They may try to compromise networks to meet various objectives that include:

  • Stealing sensitive information for espionage
  • Circumventing digital systems/information for fraud or extortion
  • Attracting publicity for a cause
  • Tarnish reputation or brand image
  • Hijacking computer infrastructure to support other nefarious activity
  • Disrupting or destroying computer infrastructure or business operations

The unexpected happened…..What then?

The need for cyber resiliency is thus increasingly important for modern businesses. The information systems and business functions which depend on them need to be resilient in the face of persistent, stealthy, and sophisticated attacks.

CyberSolace can help you assess and bolster your resilience against cyber attacks.  We can help you improve your ability to Anticipate, Withstand, Recover from, and Evolve to improve capabilities in the face of attacks or adverse conditions.

Cybersecurity Solution Design

In a constantly changing and increasingly uncertain socio-economic atmosphere organisations need to constantly change, adapt and innovate to remain relevant, cost effective, in growth and in optimal pefromance.

In order to maintain this constant state of evolution businesses invariably will rely on new technologies to help them to continually reshape and progress. But with new technology and change, new security risks will also emerge and if not recognised and addressed properly they can lead to detrimental results. Thus to enable and support new business technology initiatives a combined effort to design and develop new security solutions is paramount.

CyberSolace’s approach to security solution design is well enshrined in security/business integration. We start by taking a top-down approach, aligning business strategy and direction to actionable planning, validation and execution. We help you define your security solution characteristics in line with your security risk profile, risk appetite and your desired business outcomes.

We don’t provide you with a vendor list or a product shopping list, instead we incorporate a number of disciplines into our approach which encapsulates business analysis, security risk and controls assessments, enterprise architecture, business-change planning, user-experience, project management and systems development life-cycle. We work collaboratively with your senior sponsors and key stakeholders to see the security solution design all the way from inception to development.

Analyse, Conceptualise, Innovate, Develop, Validate

Supplier Security Assurance

Appraise & Manage 3rd Party Suppliers Security Risk:

CyberSolace can support your procurement activities and help you embed the relevant security controls and checks when contracting with suppliers or 3rd parties. We can support you across all phases of your procurement process from requirements definition, bidding, contracting and on-boarding.

“Don’t Trust ………. Verify!”