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Virtual CISO

Because businesses come in different types, sizes, models, goals and competencies, sometimes it may make better sense to seek an independent external capability to manage your cybersecurity function.  We can help you:

  • Rapidly deploy and establish an Information/Cyber Security Management capability if you don’t have one already.
  • Enhance existing skills and knowledge by bringing in a broader experience to the existing structure.
  • Reduce or optimise the cost of managing your Cyber/Information Security function.

The time commitment of the service can be optimally apportioned to meet your specific business needs. Often we find that businesses seek this approach when:

  1. They are going through a transitional phase of business change where a requirement has been identified to establish a CISO type function because none exist or the skills are simply not available amongst the existing team.
  2. Where a business is not sizeable enough or lacks adequate skills and experience to setup a full in-house capability for a CISO function. A business in this context typically finds it more operationally and economically effective to hire an independent external CISO capability to fill the gap.

Cybersecurity Pulse Check

Technical Penetration Testing:

Penetration testing is a vital proactive step an organisation can take to uncover weaknesses and holes in its technology infrastructure before the adversaries do.  Penetration Testing evaluate the security of the technology infrastructure by simulating an attack from a malicious or dangerous source.

In CyberSolace we believe in a holistic approach to security penetration testing which covers testing of the technical infrastructure and applications, the physical premises, the networks, and equally importantly, the people in the organisation through their levels of awareness.

We can provide CREST and/or CHECK accredited security testing services that would help management focus its resources on what matters and prioritise improvement actions in accordance with the qualified risk.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment:

Risk assessments help you understand the scale and nature of the cyber threat that you face and the valuable business assets that stand to be compromised. It will ultimately help you focus your priorities and channel your investment to what really matters in order to mitigate the risks proportionately.

Cybersecurity Gap / Maturity Assessments:

We adopt a holistic approach to security and typically our assessments cover multiple facets, comprising People, Process, Technology and Organisation. Yet we mindfully maintain a close attention to external influencing factors such as regulations, standards and emerging business technology and operating models.

We can utilise a number of known industry standards and frameworks to measure, audit or gap-assess your security posture and give you an objective view of how well your security practices measure up or if there are any urgent concerns that need to be addressed.

Because you cannot protect or improve what you do not know

Examples of some of the standards and governance frameworks we can utilise are: ISO 27001, GDPR, UK Government Cyber Essentials Framework and NIST Cyber Security Framework.
But we also recognise that not all companies are the same or operate under identical regulations. Thus we can easily tailor an assessment framework that is specific to your business context and is more aligned to your company culture in order to ensure the final outcome is as meaningful as possible to your management.

Planning & Rehearsals

In our current times and the foreseeable future cyber incidents and breaches are an everyday potentiality for all businesses across all industry sectors. No company is immune to cyber incidents or the havoc they can cause when they occur. Be it ransomware, unauthorised remote access, extortion, cyber fraud, or denial of service – a cyber incident can be detrimental for a business if it is not prepared for it. This is why CyberSolace offers its cyber-incident-response rehearsing service to help organisations prepare for incidents in advance in order to lessen their impact on the business when they hit. Rehearsals are tailored to the unique business context of the client as well as aligned with current cyber-threats.

We always involve a multidisciplinary segment of staff from across the business covering senior leadership, IT, legal, and business operations to represent a realistic incident-response set of stakeholders who would typically be required in a real-life incident.

We find that Cyber incident response rehearsals to be very effective in helping organisations prepare themselves and bolster their confidence and efficacy when managing real life responses to serious incidents.

Response Support

However, threat actors are constantly evolving, and technology is invariably susceptible to a stream of newly discovered vulnerabilities. That, coupled with the scale of the targeting and difficulty of monitoring all possible attack methods, means some attacks will get through. If the worst happens, you can call upon us to investigate an incident and help you with the containment, eradication and return to normal business operation. We apply industry best practices in our response strategies and also customise it the context of the client’s business and priorities.

In last resort situations we also help our clients conduct ransom negotiations with perpetrators in a way which minimises the unpredictability, loss and confusion which ensues in such scenarios.

Cybersecurity Strategy In Business/Digital Transformation

The ability to drive transformational business change such as moving from mediocre to improved performance, wasted investment to cost-effectiveness or turning around a crisis is never a trivial one. It can mean the difference between success and growth, and confidence-loss and failure.  We strongly believe security should be the linchpin of business transformation because it is often too late and too risky if left as an after thought!

Our philosophy dictates that security considerations should be present across the key stages of any business transformation, e.g. business case definition and strategic alignment, sourcing and development, change project planning and transition to operations, and post implementation reviews.

We can support your business transformation campaign through a structured and iterative approach to security. Whether it is a small business or a larger multi-stakeholder community, we can help you navigate all the relevant security touch-points during a transformation programme.

In a rapidly changing world, the biggest risk is not adapting

Fortified by our long and varied years of experience in client consulting, we are confident about increasing your chances of success and minimising your security risks to safeguard your investment.