The Internet Security Alliance formally released two new cybersecurity handbooks designed for corporate directors in Germany and the United Kingdom, building out from a well-received U.S. version drafted in tandem with the National Association of Corporate Directors.

Managing Cyber Risk: A Handbook for German Boards of Directors” and the “Handbook for UK Boards of Directors” were released at the ISA-NACD Global Cyber Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, a first-of-its-kind international cyber event for corporate directors.

The handbooks include discussions of corporate and government structures and issues particular to each country and European Union regulations, as well as broad principles of cybersecurity risk management and guidance on issues for boards to consider during mergers and acquisitions.

“This Handbook has been put together by nearly a hundred cybersecurity experts from multiple governments and industry sectors, working together on a voluntary basis. No one is being paid to contribute to this effort and there is no charge for the Handbook,” ISA president and CEO Larry Clinton says in the forward. “The contributors to this Handbook are not providing their contributions for financial gain. They are working together because cyber criminals are targeting all of us. Government, industry, and private citizens are all on the same side in this fight. We must all work together.”

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