Small In Structure But Large In Value


Founded in 2015 in London UK, CyberSolace is a niche cybersecurity advisory focused on the medium-sized-enterprises (MSEs) in the private sector.  We cover a diverse set of sub-disciplines, ranging from people, process, technology as well as sister disciplines such as environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) aspects.  Alongside the immediate team, we are supported by a network of industry experts and prominent affiliates with the sole intent of delivering paramount dependable and independent advice to clients.

The entire team behind and around CyberSolace is deeply passionate about cybersecurity and pride themselves with the quality of work and expertise they can deliver to client organisations and the results that we can help them achieve in a pragmatic and cost-effective manner.


We look at clients’ businesses from a senior leadership perspectives, understanding the overarching goals and objectives, and aligning our solutions and advise accordingly. We start by asking the right questions, testing hypothesis and analysing objective information to unearth the right solutions. Often engaging with multiple disciplines and functions within an organisation and reaching out to a broad network of expertise to formulate an optimal solution.  Businesses sectors we have previously engaged with include:

  • Automotive
  • Professional Services
  • Investment Management
  • Retail
  • Fin/Tech Startups
  • Medical

We also work with a few Non-Profit and Humanitarian organisations.  In serious security breach cases we even offer our support for free to Humanitarian organisations.


Organisations of all sizes and from all industries are finding Cyber & Information Security no longer an optional agenda item but a core strategic concern which can seriously affect the health and livelihood of any business.

We believe our core qualities of integrity, total independence, domain-knowledge insight, pragmatism, cross-industry experience and client-centricity, differentiate us from our competitors.

We can easily adjust and morph our capabilities to suit the context of our clients’ specific challenges and needs. We do not do one-size-fits-all consulting nor do we approach each client’s problem the same way.


Our primary motivation is to become our clients’ bedrock of trust. We want to be their guiding beacon when all other options seem unclear. We build lasting relationships with our clients based on mutual respect, a common mission, and an unwavering duty of care. Not transient one-off interaction.

Our advisory strategy is primarily driven by our clients’ business context and objectives. Whilst technology is an important element of what we do, we acutely recognise it is the business challenges that underline clients’ concerns not the technology questions.
Understanding Organisational Culture is a vital ingredient in our client engagements. Whenever we recommend solutions or engage with stakeholders the culture aspect is something we always take into consideration in order to maximise the chances of success of any initiative.
We work at our clients’ velocity. Gauging the client’s natural pace and ability to realise tangible progress and aligning our planning and execution accordingly.
Where deemed beneficial we try to introduce new concepts and innovative approaches to challenge our clients with new thinking. As external advisors that is important because it is the value-add we bring to our clients from our experiences across the industries.
We operate under total transparency when it comes to clients’ business interests. We promptly and with best intent steer our clients to alternative sources of help if/when we predict that we cannot help their mission or deliver what is expected.

The Team

Hani Banayoti - Founder & CEO (MSc, CISM, CITP, MIET)


Brings over 20 years of expertise in cybersecurity consulting, operations, incident-management, assurance, risk management, and cybersecurity in digital transformation. Advising clients across numerous industry sectors covering Central Government, Defence, Media, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Professional Services, Insurance, Asset Management, Tech-Start-ups, Fin-Tech-Start-ups, and Medical-Tech-Start-Ups.

David Almeida - Associate Consultant (CompTIA Security+)


A multi linguist, David is a well-rounded consultant with a solid foundational training in cybersecurity.  He covers the broader scope of cybersecurity and business technology risk management in general, with a unique aptitude in business/e-commerce web design and digital footprint security.  He helped numerous clients over the years with maintaining the security of their web presence and e-commerce activities.  His other skills include physical security and close-protection, data protection regulations such as GDPR, cybersecurity-threat-intelligence and cyber-incident-response.

Rehan Zaidi - Associate Partner (MPhil, CISM, SABSA, CIPPE, CIPM)


Information Security leader with deep technology insight, multi-domain exposure (Retail, Finance, Defence, Energy/Utilities, Telecoms) & full-spectrum expertise covering Infrastructure/Applications & Data Protection.


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