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More than ever, companies and investors are focusing their attention on the impact of cybersecurity risks on their business strategy and operations.  Information technology has become a critical function, particularly since the rise of Covid-19, which has been both an enabler for businesses to operate but also a target for cybercriminals.   Companies that are compromised by these cybercriminals are often faced with tough questions from their shareholders asking why they did not invest in appropriate cybersecurity measures.  Similarly, future investment in companies must pass initial and ongoing due diligence to ensure companies are managing these heightened risks more effectively than ever.

CyberSolace can coach internal management teams to bolster their cybersecurity posture and ensure adequate focus and investment is placed in the right aspects for improvement.

Our External Cybersecurity Coaching:

We have more than 40 years of collective experience working with companies, investors, asset managers (traditional and alternatives) and other stakeholders to help design, implement, manage and report on cyber related strategies and risks.

And because businesses come in different types, sizes, models, goals and competencies, sometimes it may make better sense to seek an independent external capability to provide you with the necessary insight and shorten the journey for you based on our experience from the trenches. We can help you:

  • Rapidly deploy and establish an Information/Cyber Security Management capability if you don’t have one already.
  • Enhance existing skills and knowledge by bringing in a broader experience to the existing structure.
  • Reduce or optimise the cost of managing your Cyber/Information Security function.


To stay competitive in a global economy, deliver timely responses to changing customer demands, meet increasing service expectations and reduce operational costs, organisations have adapted their processes and business models by adopting emerging business technology. This widespread use of information technology and advances in connectivity have transformed many businesses and transferred information flows from paper or the telephone to digital transactions and databases.

However, these advances also present more opportunities for attackers. The scale of the targeting, coupled with the difficulty of monitoring all possible attack methods, means some attacks will get through.

Foreign states, organised cyber-crime syndicates, low level opportunistic cyber pick-pockets, hacktivists, insiders and terrorists all pose different kinds of threat. They may try to compromise networks to meet various objectives that include:

  • Stealing sensitive information for espionage
  • Circumventing digital systems/information for fraud or extortion
  • Attracting publicity for a cause
  • Tarnish reputation or brand image
  • Hijacking computer infrastructure to support other nefarious activity
  • Disrupting or destroying computer infrastructure or business operations

The need for cyber resiliency is thus increasingly important for modern businesses. The information systems and business functions which depend on them need to be resilient in the face of persistent, stealthy, and sophisticated attacks.

CyberSolace can help you assess and bolster your resilience against cyber attacks.  We can help you improve your ability to Anticipate, Withstand, Recover from, and Evolve to improve capabilities in the face of attacks or adverse conditions.

Planning & Scenario Rehearsals

In our current times and the foreseeable future cyber breaches are an everyday potentiality for all businesses across all industry sectors. No company is immune to cyber breaches or the havoc they can cause when they occur. Be it ransomware, unauthorised remote access, extortion, cyber fraud, or denial of service – a cyber breach can be detrimental for a business if it is not prepared for it. This is why CyberSolace offers its breach simulation service to help organisations prepare for incidents in advance in order to lessen their impact on the business when they hit. Rehearsals are tailored to the unique business context of the client as well as aligned with current cyber-threats.

CyberSolace has also developed an innovative approach to help clients select the best response candidates at their disposal.  We do not automatically revert to IT teams but instead we apply Occupational Psychology methods to identify the right individuals in an organisation that would be best suited to operate as incident-responders.

We always involve a multidisciplinary segment of staff from across the business covering senior leadership, IT, legal, corporate communications and business operations to represent a realistic backdrop of stakeholders who would typically be required in a real-life situation.

Breach simulations are a very effective method in helping organisations appraise and bolster their preparedness as well as build their confidence and efficacy when managing real life responses to serious incidents.

Breach Containment Support

However, threat actors are constantly evolving, and technology is invariably susceptible to a stream of newly discovered vulnerabilities. That, coupled with the scale of the targeting and difficulty of monitoring all possible attack methods, means some attacks will get through. If the worst happens, you can call upon us to assist you with the containment, eradication and return to normal business operation. We apply industry best practices in our response strategies and also customise it the context of the client’s business and priorities.


CyberSolace can help clients assess their current security posture to understand where their key risks are or where there are material gaps in their technology environment or governance processes.  This is typically one of the first recommended starting points for any new client looking to understand their cybersecurity state-of-the-nation.

Our key solutions under this service-line are:

1 – Cybersecurity Process Maturity Assessments

We adopt a holistic approach to security and typically our assessments cover multiple facets, comprising People, Process, Technology and Organisation. Yet we mindfully maintain a close attention to external influencing factors such as regulations, standards and emerging business technology and operating models.

We can utilise a number of known industry standards and frameworks to measure, audit or gap-assess your security posture and give you an objective view of how well your security practices measure up or if there are any urgent concerns that need to be addressed.  Examples of some of the standards and governance frameworks we can utilise are: ISO 27001, GDPR, UK Government Cyber Essentials Framework and NIST Cyber Security Framework.

2 – External Attack Surface Discovery

We help our clients identify their digital footprint and external facing assets, that may carry vulnerabilties, that can subject the business to risk.  In simple terms we help organisations locate the forgotten or unaccounted for back doors that could enable an attack path to the organisation’s crown jewels.  More about this service can be found <here>

3 – Detailed Technical Penetration Tests

Penetration testing is a vital proactive step an organisation can take to uncover weaknesses and holes in its technology infrastructure before the adversaries do.  Penetration Testing evaluate the security of the technology infrastructure by simulating an attack from a malicious or dangerous source.

In CyberSolace we believe in a holistic approach to security penetration testing which covers testing of the technical infrastructure and applications, the physical premises, the networks, and equally importantly, the people in the organisation through their levels of awareness.

We can provide CREST and/or CHECK accredited security testing services that would help management focus its resources on what matters and prioritise improvement actions in accordance with the qualified risk.

4 – Security Monitoring As A Service

CyberSolace can provide a managed security monitoring service to clients who don’t have the internal capabilitiy or tools to monitor their technology stack.  We use a 3rd party leading security monitoring platform which enables us to be a second pair of eyes on your technology environment.  Whether it is servers, laptops or mobiles, we would monitor for anomalies and alert you asap but apply the appropriate responses to contain any threats we dientify before they cause any business damage.  The service can be offered on working hours basis, eg 8×5, or as full 24x7x365 option.


The ability to drive transformational business change such as moving from mediocre to improved performance, wasted investment to cost-effectiveness or turning around a crisis is never a trivial one. It can mean the difference between success and growth, and confidence-loss and failure.

We strongly believe security should be at the heart of all business transformation because it is often too late and too risky if left to the end or as an after thought!

Our philosophy dictates that security considerations should be present across the key stages of any business transformation, e.g. business case definition and strategic alignment, sourcing and development, change project planning and transition to operations, and post implementation reviews.

We can support your business transformation campaign through a structured and iterative approach to security. Whether it is a small business or a larger multi-stakeholder community, we can help you navigate all the relevant security touch-points. Fortified by our long and varied years of experience in client consulting, we are confident about increasing your chances of success and minimising your security risks to safeguard your investment.


No cybersecurity programme is ever complete if it does not contain an awareness training campaign to cover the human dimension. In our experience, we routinely witness many smart and intelligent people at the organisations we have worked with fall victim to cybercriminals.  The financial losses for organisations and the human impact on the individuals can be far reaching.

Perhaps the futurist Kevin Kelly sums up the challenge best in his book ‘The Inevitable’:

All of us – every one of us – will be endless newbies in the future simply trying to keep up. Here’s why: First, most of the important technologies that will dominate life 30 years from now have not yet been invented, so naturally you’ll be a newbie to them. Second, because the new technology requires endless upgrades, you will remain in a newbie state. Third, because the cycle of obsolescence is accelerating (the average life span of a phone app is a mere 30 days!), you won’t have time to master anything before it’s displaced, you will remain a newbie forever. Endless Newbie is the new default for everyone, no matter your age or experience. (Kelly, 2017)

Hence why having a continual cybersecurity awareness campaign should be an important element in any meaningful cybersecurity programme.

How Can We Help?

CyberSolace can provide a computer-based-training service to all your staff on periodic basis to ensure they are abreast of emerging threats and maintain a degree of proficiency in avoiding falling victim to cyber attackers.  Our platform can:

  • Deliver a customised curriculum of micro learning content on scheduled basis or in correlation to ad-hoc user behaviour or trending performance.
  • Provide security awareness quizzes and test scenarios to ensure staff are effectively absorbing the training and improving in their cybersecurity knowledge. Coupled with helpful performance reports to aid compliance obligations and management oversight.
  • Provide tailored Phishing simulation tests to objectively validate user awareness maturity and apply further adjustments to training if required. and gauge user reaction to understand how well-prepared they are to spot cyber-attacks or social engineering attempts.
  • Test end-user devices to gauge their susceptibility to common attack techniques and malware.
  • Test email system effectiveness in blocking common email borne threats and payloads.
  • Deliver specialised security training to technical staff responsible for application development to ensure they apply good security coding practices.
  • Deliver specialised security training to security operations staff that may be responsible for incident handling, systems configuration or SOC analysis.