China just upped its counterespionage game, and foreigners are feeling a little uneasy. The new rules let authorities inspect your phone, laptop, and other electronics – no warrant needed in “emergency situations.” Sounds a bit…frisky, right?

This move has expats, business travelers, and even entire companies raising their eyebrows. They’re worried about the chance of random checks and increased government snooping. Some Japanese firms are even telling their employees to leave their phones at home on China trips! Taiwan’s travel advisors are whispering “don’t go” to anyone considering a non-essential visit. China’s security folks say they’re mainly after professional spies, not your holiday selfies.

Source: Kyodo news

But the line between “spy stuff” and everyday activities remains blurry. It’s a balancing act – keeping things secure while respecting personal privacy. And right now, the balance feels a bit…off kilter.

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