Credit-card skimming is an illegal activity which involves the clandestine theft of credit card information during online transactions, often using advanced techniques that go unnoticed by both customers and merchants.

In a recent investigative campaign Europol identified and notified a staggering 443 online merchants whose customer payment data had been compromised by digital skimming.

The operation serves as a stark reminder to online businesses of the importance of robust cybersecurity measures. Vigilance against evolving cyber threats like digital skimming is crucial for protecting customer data and maintaining consumer trust in the e-commerce landscape.


Things You Can Do To Minimise The Risk:

You can make it harder for cybercriminals by:

  • 1

    Establish a secure configuration and setup of your web ecommerce platform.  Encompassing, a multitidue of elements such as i) securing your domain; ii) choosing a reliable and secure hosting provider; iii) security hardening your platform software install; iv) implementing appropriate web-application firewalling.

  • 2

    Training your staff to deal with spearphishing attacks.

  • 3

    Implement multi-factor authentication and strong password policies.

  • 4

    Conduct penetration tests on the ecommerce platform including installed third party components on a regular basis.

  • 5

    Ensuring timely installation of security patches and critical software updates.

  • 6

    Seek specialist external help if you don’t have the internal capability to review and secure your enviornment.

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