According to recent industry studies, the UK education sector has suffered a total of 1,000 cyber attacks in the past year. These attacks have been attributed to ransomwarephishing, and DDoS attacks.

The education sector is particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks due to its reliance on outdated IT systems and a lack of investment in cybersecurity measures. The sector seems a prime target for cyber criminals due to the large amount of sensitive data it holds on students and staff.

Research presented by Malwarebytes found that the education sector was targeted more than any other industry in Q3 2021, with a total of 44% of all malware detections being in this sector. The report also highlights that ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly common in this sector, with a total of 12% of all ransomware detections being in the education sector.

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Known ransomware attacks by industry sector in the UK, April 2022 – March 2023

Source: Malwarebytes