The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) has launched a new report on emergency crisis communications for the year 2023, which highlights the importance of effective communication during a crisis. According to the report, “72% of organisations admit they would fail to communicate effectively in a crisis”, indicating that there is still significant room for improvement in this area.

The report provides insights into the current state of emergency communication and identifies emerging trends and best practices in the field. It covers a range of topics related to crisis communication, including crisis communication planning, effective messaging during a crisis, and the use of technology in crisis communication.

(Photo source: The BCI)

In addition, the report reveals that “40% of organisations have no crisis communication plan in place”, highlighting the need for organisations to be proactive in their approach to crisis communication. This includes developing a crisis communication plan that outlines roles and responsibilities, messaging frameworks, and communication protocols, as well as conducting regular training and exercises to ensure that staff are prepared to respond effectively in a crisis.

The report also emphasizes the importance of using technology to enhance crisis communication capabilities. According to the report, “89% of organisations use social media for crisis communications”, indicating that social media is now a critical communication channel during a crisis. The report suggests that organisations should leverage social media and other digital channels to disseminate information quickly and efficiently, as well as using tools such as mobile apps and geolocation technology to facilitate communication and coordination among response teams.

Overall, the report aims to help organisations improve their emergency communication capabilities and better prepare for potential crises. By providing insights into current best practices and emerging trends, the report offers a valuable resource for anyone involved in crisis management and emergency response.

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