The fifth annual GDPR fines and data breach survey by DLA Piper, has been released, highlighting the ongoing battle between tech companies and regulators over the use of consumer data for behavioural advertising.  However, the end of the road for the battle between big tech and the regulators is still far from sight, with the Irish DPC and the EDPB disagreeing on the matter and resulting in large fines for both the Instagram and Facebook platforms.

The report also mentions the continued impact of Schrems II, which states that if there is any risk of harm to data subjects, the transfer is illegal, and that aggregate fines have more than doubled from the previous report period.

Additionally, the report states that breach notifications have decreased year-over-year, potentially due to fear of investigations, enforcement, fines, and compensation claims.

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Some stats from the DLA Piper GDPR Fines and Data Breach Survey: January 2023