The spy-for-hire industry targets people and organisations and aims to collect their intelligence information and monitor them to infiltrate their technology devices. These operations silently get their victims to unwittingly reveal information and often compromise their devices and accounts.

One such emerging cyber crime organisation called the Atlantis Cyber-Army or the Atlas Intelligence Group (AIG), which is offering a range of services, including exclusive data leaks, DDoS attacks, and Remote Desktop Protoctol (RDP) exploits.

This criminal group operates on a for-hire basis and seeks to recruit cyber mercenaries that conduct specific illicit activities that are pieces of larger cyber campaigns. The group has been operating since the beginning of May-22, to offer a range of cybercriminal services. The researchers behind the report said “While many groups are focusing on one, maybe two, services that they offer, Atlas seems to grow rapidly and expand its operations in an efficient way which allows them to offer many services”.

A.I.G. tends to target government and state assets in countries all over the world, including the United States, Pakistan, Israel, Colombia and United Arab Emirates, researchers found.

A.I.G. has published leaked databases from all over the world for sale, with a starting price from 15 euros, researchers said. The group targeted various sectors in the breaches, including education, finance, government entities, manufacturing and technology. They also has premium services that demand more skill and demonstrate the group’s sophistication, researchers said. One of these products is hacked panels and initial access to organisations, with prices for these services starting from about $1,000.

The group also offers “VIP services” that claim ties to people in law-enforcement positions across Europe that can give customers access to sensitive information about specific individuals, researchers said.

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AIG’s Service Offerings

(source: Cyberint)