A recent article in Security Boulevard, provides a very useful description of the benefits of Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercising.

The artilce quotes that: Continuous practice makes perfect. The same is true for cybersecurity. Ultimately, tabletop exercises will reduce the risk of damage from a cybersecurity attack, which gives businesses greater peace of mind and confidence that their experts can execute a recovery plan efficiently. These exercises bring teams together, increasing their effectiveness and enhancing cooperation and communication between key people across departments beyond just IT. Employees will also develop a clear understanding of their responsibilities, hone their decision-making skills and learn how to support the incident management processes. Likewise, periodically vetting IR plans and security teams with tabletop cybersecurity exercises serve as tangible demonstrations and benchmarks of current threat response effectiveness—allowing businesses to reassure their board and key stakeholders of the company’s readiness and preparedness.

CyberSolace emphatically echoes the same message to all our audience and strongly encourage any organisation that has not yet tried Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercises to seriously consider them. It is possibly the single most cost-effective investment any organisation can make to gain a genuine understanding of its cybersecurity posture, and discover practical ways to resolve any deficiencies.

In CyberSolace we always conduct these exercises by adopting a threat-actor’s viewpoint of the client organisation hence mimicking as far as possible the ways a real attacker can compromise the organisation. In essence we put on our real attacker’s lens rather than an audit-and-compliance lens to tell you about what really matters in your security landscape.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to understand how we can help you conduct these types of exercises or if you would like a copy of our free brochure on cyber-incident-preparedness.

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