This is an excellent article posted by Mary K. Pratt in CSO online magazine around the growing importance of aligning the disciplines of ESG with Cybersecurity.

CyberSolace sees the percolating momentum of the importance of ESG around the corporate world as a serious catalyst for the success of the Cybersecurity agenda in boardrooms and c-suites.  We see ESG as one of the key enablers that will ultimately give Cybersecurity a legitimate presence and voice in the echelons of corporate senior management.  ESG will likely propel the importance and equally the success of cybersecurity programmes in corporate environments as ESG itself becomes the light bearer of stakeholder interests; i.e. stakeholders such as customers, employees, investors and society in general.

As the article quotes:

The addition of ESG responsibilities to the CISO role is part of the ongoing evolution of the position itself, according to Goodwin, executive advisors, and enterprise security experts.

Boards and executives alike have been including security chiefs in more of the enterprise risk strategy conversations than they have in the past; this correlates to the ongoing shift from cybersecurity as a back-office function to cybersecurity as a strategic enabler.

“This is just another iteration of what the CISO role is, and another thing to add to our list,” says Brennan P. Baybeck, vice president and CISO of Customer Services at Oracle Corp.

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