A recent news article by the International Association Of Ports And Harbors (IAPH) has quoted:

“One major outcome of the intensive work in recent weeks by the IAPH’s World Ports Sustainability Program Covid19 Task Force has been the very urgent need for ports to digitalize processes and data exchanges as we move towards a post-COVID19 modus operandi. This conclusion has led to IAPH organizing an industry call to action in the first week of June which has culminated in a joint communiqué by various maritime industry associations to the IMO.

This call to action is now being matched in practice with the publication of the WPSP Port Community Cyber Security White Paper, which serves as guide to those ports now gearing up for digitalization.”

This is a sector that is gradually feeling the importance of cybersecurity as it modernises and embraces digital transformations.  Perhaps the Maersk Line ransomware incident of 2017 is a good reminder and case in point, where it fell prey to the NotPetya ransomware.  Maersk sufferd about $350 million as a result of the incident.

In close parallel, CyberSolace views the offshore renewable energy sector also in need of a similar call to action to bolster its cyber resilience in the years ahead.  Many operational characteristics would seem to overlap between the two sectors.

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