Our External Attack Surface Discovery & Assessment enables us to help our clients discover the unknown unknowns about their digital footprint, and subsequently appraise and close any relevant vulnerabilities.

The Attack Surface of an IT environment is the sum of the different points (for “attack vectors”) where an unauthorised user (the “attacker”) can try to enter data to or extract data from an environment.  Keeping the attack surface as small as possible is a basic security measure.

Our External Attack Surface Discovery & Assessment offers a pragmatic and cost-effective approach to monitoring your cyber risks without any disruption to your systems or operation. Where required it can also be applied to assess your supply chain and your partners.  It is sometimes more favourable than a penetration test as it is a continuous activity that can be run several times across the year or whenever needed – not just a snapshot in time.

Our service is also blended with rich threat intelligence information for each client’s specific industry sector to give a meaningful picture of the most likely cyber risk facing the organisation; No one-size-fits-all.  Overall it offers more value for money than a conventional penetration test as it can be undertaken on continual basis for a fixed annual fee which is often comparable to the cost of a single penetration test exercise.

Our service can:

  • Identify and analyse externally facing technical vulnerabilities and threats in real-time across entire ecosystem. Practically offering you a radar view of what an external attacker may see about your organisation when planning their attack campaign.
  • Minimise your exposure to breaches and stop cyber attacks before they happen.
  • Easily translate technical data into actionable and insightful business information that can be used by Boards and Exec teams.
  • Subsequently enabling the Board and C-Level executives to more justifiably support security investment decisions.
  • Offer a ranking facility which allows for peer comparison within your sector.
  • Offer continuous real-time evaluation of third parties and appraise risk across the whole supply chain.

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