By early 2020 the UK’s FCA had created a self-assessment questionnaire on cyber resilience to help smaller organisations in the sector appraise their cyber resilience posture at a high level.  It was the byproduct of a slightly earlier paper published by the FCA in March-2019 titled “Cyber security – industry insights“.

The self assessment questionnaire, CQUEST, consists of multiple-choice questions covering all aspects of cyber resilience, such as:

  • Does the firm have a board-approved cyber security strategy?
  • How does it identify and protect its critical assets?
  • How does it detect and respond to an incident, recover the business and learn from the experience?

The answers provide a valuable snapshot of a firm’s cyber resilience capability, and highlight areas for further development.

The principles and concepts of CQUEST can be applied to any organisation regardless of geography, size or sector.  Accordingly, CyberSolace has included a version of it here as an online survey for anyone wishing to self-assess and gain an understanding of their cyber resilience capability.

The tool is free to use on our website and we invite all our audience and clients to have a go at conducting a self-test.  It can take roughly about 30 minutes to complete and a pdf summary report would normally follow within 48hrs to your specified email address.