Blockchain and cryptocurrency firm Tether has revealed that a threat actor has demanded a 500 Bitcoin ransom to stop them from leaking documents online. The attackers claim that the stolen documents could be a threat to the Bitcoin ecosystem, and have given Tether a payment deadline of 1 March. The company has stated that it will not be paying.

The Cryptocurrency industry has been on rocketing ascendance recently and consequently becoming a target of high interest for cyber criminals.¬† Given the high value of digital assets they store and manage for their clients crypto-currency companies are often perceived to be ripe pickings for cyber extorsion.¬† Tether’s market value increased by 144% since July 2020, and its market cap is between $9.1 and $10.1 billion; as such, this ransom would not be seen as unfeasible in the eyes of the threat actors. (source)

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