Cifas annual Fraudscape report provides fraud and financial crime professionals, law enforcement, journalists, and HR professionals with an accurate summary of fraud risk and fraudulent attempts made in the UK.

Key findings in this year’s Fraudscape 2018 include:

  • The highest number of identity frauds ever recorded by Cifas members – 174,523 cases in 2017;
  • Young people are most at risk of acting as ‘money mules’ – there was a 27% increase in 14-24-year-olds carrying out this type of fraud;
  • More than a third of bank account takeover victims are over 60.

A separate recent study, from Top10VPN, has found that someone’s entire online identity could be worth little more than £800, according to brand new research into the illicit sale of stolen personal info on the dark web (or just $1,200 if you are in the United States, according to the US edition of the index). While it may be no surprise to learn that credit card details are the most traded, did you know that fraudsters are hacking Uber, Airbnb and Netflix accounts and selling them for little more than £5 each?  You can download the rsearch document <here>.

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