A december 2016 report by Eurolectric (a sector association which represents the common interests of the electricity industry at pan-European level) covering recent efforts in advancing the cyber security agenda around electric power networks in europe.

Customers’ need for electricity is growing as the number of devices connected to the electricity network increases rapidly. The electricity sector is at the beginning of a new era for cyber security. The energy sector is also going through a major digital transformation, with an increase of complexity within its technological environment and an escalation of interconnected equipment.

As the traditional system and business is changing, the energy sector is at one of its most challenging times. Customer driven initiatives such as microgeneration, decentralised power sources and the integration of electric vehicles (EVs)as well as the 2020and 2030 European-wide climate change objectives will bring new and complex challenges to network operators.

This new paradigm is supported by a complex and highly critical information technology infrastructure, which facilitates the advanced grid and market functionalities, but also increases the exposure of network operators to cyber threats and vulnerabilities, and can present serious risks to customers, businesses and society. These risks can only be mitigated by a well-executed cyber security strategy.

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