Resilience Planning

To stay competitive in a global economy, deliver timely responses to changing customer demands, meet increasing service expectations and reduce operational costs, organisations have adapted their processes and business models by adopting emerging business technology. This widespread use of information technology and advances in connectivity have transformed many businesses and transferred information flows from paper or the telephone to digital transactions and databases.

However, these advances also present more opportunities for attackers. The scale of the targeting, coupled with the difficulty of monitoring all possible attack methods, means some attacks will get through.

Foreign states, criminals, hacktivists, insiders and terrorists all pose different kinds of threat. They may try to compromise networks to meet various objectives that include:

  • Stealing sensitive information to gain a competitive advantage
  • Financial gain
  • Attracting publicity for a cause
  • Tarnish reputation or brand image
  • Controlling computer infrastructure to support other nefarious activity
  • Disrupting or destroying computer infrastructure

The need for cyber resiliency is thus increasingly important for modern businesses. The information systems and business functions which depend on them need to be resilient in the face of persistent, stealthy, and sophisticated attacks.

CyberSolace can help you assess and bolster your resilience against cyber attacks.  We can help you improve your ability to Anticipate, Withstand, Recover from, and Evolve to improve capabilities in the face of attacks or adverse conditions.

The unexpected happened…..What then?