Security Solution Design

In a constantly changing and increasingly uncertain socio-economic atmosphere organisations need to constantly change, adapt and innovate to remain relevant, cost effective, in growth and in optimal pefromance.

In order to maintain this constant state of evolution businesses invariably will rely on new technologies to help them to continually reshape and progress. But with new technology and change, new security risks will also emerge and if not recognised and addressed properly they can lead to detrimental results. Thus to enable and support new business technology initiatives a combined effort to design and develop new security solutions is paramount.

CyberSolace’s approach to security solution design is well enshrined in security/business integration. We start by taking a top-down approach, aligning business strategy and direction to actionable planning, validation and execution. We help you define your security solution characteristics in line with your security risk profile, risk appetite and your desired business outcomes.

We don’t provide you with a vendor list or a product shopping list, instead we incorporate a number of disciplines into our approach which encapsulates business analysis, security risk and controls assessments, enterprise architecture, business-change planning, user-experience, project management and systems development life-cycle. We work collaboratively with your senior sponsors and key stakeholders to see the security solution design all the way from inception to development.

Analyse, Conceptualise, Innovate, Develop, Validate