Know Your Enemies

Every device and network attached to the IoT possesses, within itself, a universe of vulnerabilities. Each vulnerability enables the adversary, whether they be state, hacktivist or mercenary hackers, the technological capability to disrupt networks, exfiltrate sensitive data and wreak havoc on organizations of all sizes. Our adversaries stem from an endless stream of agendas and offensive strategies with the singular aim to pinpoint and exploit unpatched applications and vulnerable networks. State and corporate espionage cloaked beneath stealth and technological sophistication continuously plague our Nation’s critical infrastructure and federal agencies. Lackadaisical cybersecurity hygiene and cyber defensive training barely make it on the schedule for discussion in board rooms while bad actors plague and infest their networks.

This report, “Know Your Enemies 2.0” is an encyclopedia of bad actors stemming from the nation state, mercenary and hacktivist arenas. We cover threat groups not by use of a particular ranking system, rather by the dominant players categorized by geography. Zero days, malware, tool kits, exploit techniques, digital foot prints and targets are covered in-depth in this report. Information security experts, technology journalists and those in the legislative community who wish to gain a better comprehension of the adversary we as a Nation are facing are encouraged to make full use of the information contained in “Know Your Enemies 2.0”.

How Hackers Steal Your ID

Hackers have stolen the personal details of millions of customers from companies like Talk Talk. So how do cybercriminals get hold of our data? BBC Panorama programme reporter, Daniel Foggo, meets the hackers who can break into any website and finds out how criminals profit from our information.

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Marc Goodman TeD Talk

The world is becoming increasingly open, and that has implications both bright and dangerous.” Marc Goodman delivers one of the best talks in recent times around technology, security and the future of crime. The talk was delivered in July-2012 but is still as fresh and profound now.

Watch his TeD talk below: