Progressive, business-centric advise to all types of organisations concerned about the cybersecurity challenges.

Our Services

Cybersecurity Governance

Set the optimal practices for senior management oversight and decision making on cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Pulse Check

Assess your organisation’s security posture. Know the chink in your armour and plan for improvement to safeguard your business.

Security Strategy In Business Transformation

Support your business change aspirations with a strategy to factor in security considerations.

Supplier Security Assurance

Revaluate your security blind-spot. How much do you really know about your 3rd party suppliers’ security practices. Place your trust but also verify.

Security Solution Design

“If something is going to be better, it is new, and if it’s new you are confronting problems and challenges you don’t have references for.” ~ Sir Jonathan Paul Ive.

Resilience Planning

The cyber risk storm will continue to gather. Prepare and test your resilience measures to minimise the business impact when the worst happens.

Why us?

Trusted Partners

We always strive to be partners sharing our clients’ challenges.  Not mere faceless suppliers.

Thought Leadership

We take much pride in our experience and subject-matter-knowledge and often use that to bring innovative solutions to our clients.

Business Led

We are never agnostic to the business context or drivers.  Our advice and engagement centres predominantly around the business decision makers.

Mindful Of Business Culture

Because an organization’s culture plays a subtle role in the success of new initiatives and the achievement of its overall goals.

Optimal Cadence

We move at our clients’ velocity.  Constantly re-adjusting to navigate constraints and validate outcomes to their satisfaction.

Focus On Client Interests

We see our clients’ success as the paramount objective and above all else.

Clients, Partners & Affiliates

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